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Students are at the centre of all we do at uLethbridge. We offer extraordinary work-integrated learning and other opportunities to take your efforts during your program and apply it in real-world situations. Students can participate in opportunities connected to specific learning outcomes or competencies across experience categories such as global citizenship, personal development, community service and more. Students can track activities and use the self-reflection tool to understand the value of the acquired skills. This step is vital to expressing suitability for employment, research and more.

What is myexperience.ulethbridge.ca?

Myexperience.ulethbridge.ca (ME platform) is a comprehensive collection of activities students can use to track participation and highlight the skills gained during their time at uLethbridge.


A searchable catalogue of opportunities for to explore, with the ability to customize and save search criteria.
Opportunities and experiences that are connected to specific learning outcomes or competencies. Students can filter the experience catalogue based on competencies and later self-select on the skills developed through each experience.
A great calendar of events and workshops for professional and personal development.
A self-reflection tool to understand the value of the skills gained, and to build a vocabulary for sharing new skills with future employers and others.
The MyExperience Transcript (MET). Students can share a record of experiences via a customized link to employers, researchers, professional associations, volunteer boards etc.

Activities may take place on- or off-campus and cover a variety of experiential learning opportunities, emphasizing leadership, research, creativity and innovation, global citizenship, work-integrated learning, community service-learning, and certifications and workshops.

What else can I do on myexperience.ulethbridge.ca?

Students can register for events, sign up for activities and book appointments for co-op, applied studies, career counselling and study skills.

Employers interested in hiring a University of Lethbridge student can post job opportunities to our job board.

Staff/Faculty can manage their experiential learning opportunities through the central platform, helping to ensure the MET reflects a more holistic view of uLethbridge students' experiences. As a bonus, reporting and curation of student experiences promises to be easier for faculty and staff users and more consistent across campus.

Career Bridge for more information.